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April 2023

Creating a game with Roblox Studio.

The platform where GenZ generation flourish.

Exploring Roblox and its users: A joyous, creative journey into a world where Gen Z's imagination reaches new heights.

I took a playful dive into Roblox, eager to learn and experience its lively world firsthand. With its massive GenZ fanbase with over 214 million monthly active users, including 70.2 million daily active ones, this platform was the perfect playground for my creative experiments. 

I decided to create a proof of concept to explore the application capabilities and the community that populates the platform. More than just game development, it was about soaking up the vibrant energy of a youthful, tech-savvy community. Each step in Roblox was a fun, enlightening journey, offering me a glimpse into the exciting ways young people interact and express themselves in metaverse-like worlds. This project turned into a delightful adventure, blending learning with the joy of connecting in a world where imagination knows no bounds.

Learning about the new generations. How Roblox is able to connect with younger audience with gamification and spatial digital playgrounds.

Roblox's appeal lies in its ability to mold dreams into digital realities. Here, every corner brims with creativity, each creation a reflection of its maker's imagination. My project became more than lines of code or 3D enviroment designs; it transformed into an avenue for connection. It was fascinating to see how these digital natives communicate and interplay, their language as a blend of playfulness and innovation.

Learning the ropes of Roblox was like playing with a set of futuristic building blocks. It was intuitive, fun, and incredibly rewarding. I could tweak a skyscraper's design, adjust the look of my character, discovered the marketplace and ultimately deep dive in the monetisation mechanics embedded in the platform. Each factor brought me closer to my vision. This wasn't just about building a playful city; it was about crafting an immersive and connected experience, that truly resonated with an energetic and demanding audience.

This Roblox adventure was a delightful blend of learning and fun, an experience that highlighted the power of digital platforms in fostering creativity and community. In this lively, digital playground, imagination truly knows no bounds.

Building with Roblox Studio: blending play with 3D digital craftsmanship.

Roblox Studio's intuitive interface and expansive model library empowered me to construct a colorful world that captures the essence of McDonald's brand imagery. The platform's user-friendly tools allowed me to swiftly bring my vision to life, enriching the streets with the excitement of a virtual treasure hunt.


I could effortlessly place buildings, roads, and the iconic McDonald's restaurant, creating an urban landscape teeming with life and the thrill of the chase. ​When it came to adding interactivity, I turned to ChatGPT for crafting simple scripts and lines of code. This enhanced the scenes with engaging interactions and enriched gameplay, making the experience more immersive.


This digital city became the backdrop for players to search for the elusive $1.20 Quarter Pounder, turning familiar sights into corners of mystery and adventure. This creation isn't meant to be just a game; it's a homage to the timeless charm of McDonald's and its connection with the youth, reimagined through the lens of Roblox's limitless creative possibilities.

Diving into Roblox for a fun Quarter Pounder hunt—score burgers, beat hunger, win real rewards!

For my Roblox game, I explored the iconic McDonald's brand, known for its appeal to younger audiences. The game centers around a hypothetical campaign for a new Quarter Pounder priced at only $1.20. Set in a bustling cityscape, players embark on a quest to find hidden hamburgers. Upon finding a burger, a timer starts, symbolizing hunger.


The challenge? Locate the next hamburger before time runs out, or the player 'starves' and the game ends. The objective is to collect 12 hamburgers, scoring 120 points, echoing the burger's price. Successful players are rewarded with a virtual coupon redeemable at McDonald's restaurants, bridging the digital and real worlds.

This game mechanic beautifully complements Roblox's core appeal, which revolves around exploring diverse worlds and the thrill of discovering new places. Roblox is inherently designed for younger generations who have a natural curiosity for exploring novel environments and interactions. The game harnesses this fundamental aspect of Roblox, enticing players into an ongoing adventure of exploration. It's a seamless fit, utilizing the platform's strengths to craft an immersive, dynamic experience that resonates with the adventurous spirit of its youthful audience.

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