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April 2023

Building a mixed reality

talking avatar with Unity and ChatGPT

Leveraging Unity and Vive Wave SDK to create a ChatGPT-powered avatar.

Being fascinated by mixed reality and AI, I embarked on a fascinating journey to blend the virtual and real worlds. My goal was to understand how a digital avatar, equipped with knowledge about

HTC Vive products, could perform within a mixed reality setting. To bring this concept to life, I utilized an AI platform which provided the necessary tools to train a conversational model. This model was powered by the ChatGPT API, renowned for its natural language understanding and response capabilities. The AI model was developed by inputting specifications and details of released products, specifically the XR Elite and Focus 3 headsets

The core of my project was built using Unity, alongside the Vive Wave SDK—a toolkit designed specifically for VR development on HTC Vive devices. This combination allowed me to create immersive mixed reality content that was both interactive and responsive.

The avatar, a crucial component of this experience, was sourced from Ready Player Me, which I found to be a perfect fit for my project. The integration of this avatar into the Unity-built environment was seamless, resulting in an engaging and lifelike representation of the digital persona.

A playful avatar sharing accurate details of Vive products.

The outcome was nothing short of extraordinary. Being able to converse with a digital avatar in real-time was an enthralling experience. The avatar was not only responsive but also precise in the information it provided about HTC Vive products. It could answer questions and provide insights with a level of accuracy that was deeply impressive, showcasing the advanced capabilities of AI and machine learning technologies today.

This exercise proved to be a valuable exploration of the potential that mixed reality holds. The ability to interact with a knowledgeable digital entity in a space that merges the real with the virtual opens up new frontiers for education, customer service, and entertainment. The possibilities are limitless, and I'm excited to delve deeper into this revolutionary technology.

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