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Vodafone DesignOps  November 2018 - Today

Vodafone Design Ops

The Group Design Studio is the centralised design unit in charge of governing Vodafone's digital design operations, leading the design chapter across 22 local countries and distributed teams. It sits in the customer experience business unit and aims to provide holistic design strategy, guidelines and best practices. To empower the VF design communities to implement and develop digital solutions based on local customer needs.

Thought leadership
Design Ops
Line management
Experience Strategy
Creative Direction
Brand strategy
Team building

Provide thought leadership and hands-on design direction. Initiate and supervise design activities to position Design Studio as the Centre of Excellence across the Vodafone organisation.

Today's most powerful brands are distinguished by creativity and strong emotions that arouse the recipients when consuming comms and artefacts. It was crucial to apply the identity consistently across the whole touchpoints; it enabled the Group Design Studio to be immediately identifiable and perceived as a leader in the subject across the entire organisation.

The VF Design Studio objective is to promote a universal framework by leveraging the double diamond methodology, to bridge the brand purpose throughout Vodafone digital channels, including mobile, web, retail, and chatbot. This model allows to inform and navigate both designers and stakeholders through tasks, initiatives and career development and guarantees the delivery at the highest standards. This framework also allows to break down silos typical of large organisations by enabling knowledge sharing thanks to a consistent methodology and a unified design language.


Operating Model

One of the priorities for such a large business is to ensure design work is consistent and not duplicated. Designers and developers can embrace a consistent design language on all the digital touchpoints. Being in charge of the platform's holistic design strategy, I provide steers on content management, governance and platform advocacy. Ultimately, I'm a critical stakeholder in the definition of operational design tools. Vodafone Source is currently the most extensive design system in Europe and is it hosted on the Invision DSM blog. As a result, we are key Invision clients that enable us to have a close partnership with the platform company, mainly regarding DSM new features prioritisation and testing.


Source Design System

As UI chapter lead and team leader, I've been in charge of creating the proper UI capabilities and hire talented individuals, equip them with the skills, tools, and standard approaches to deliver functional excellence. While providing creative direction and performance goals, my responsibility is to evaluate, promote, coach, and develop my team members without traditional direct oversight.  I'm involved in the daily work of squads. I give regular feedback to designers at all levels and discuss each individual's achievements and performances, ultimately inspiring them to produce innovative and consistent UI work. 


UI Team