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March 2023

 Crafting a Sci-Fi AR Mask with

Snapchat's Lens Studio

Exploring AR's magic, I created an interactive sci-fi mask, now embraced by over 45K users.

As an avid explorer of digital realms, I've always been intrigued by the way augmented reality (AR) can add a digital layer to our perception of the real world. With this fascination at the forefront, I set out to create a sci-fi mask filter using Snapchat's Lens Studio.


My objective was more than just to craft an artistic piece; it was to delve into the AR capabilities of the platform, to understand how digital augmentations can seamlessly integrate with our physical reality.


The journey led to the birth of a filter that wasn't just a static overlay but a dynamic, animated and interactive extension of one's own face. The glowing lines and futuristic design of the mask didn't just sit on the user's skin; they became a part of it, responding fluidly to every facial motion.

This lens filter is now used by over 45K people, reflecting the collective fascination with digitally enhanced realities.

Crafting AR magic with Cinema 4D, pushing Snapchat's limits for a reimagined, interactive facial overlay.

To bring my vision to life, I harnessed the capabilities of Cinema 4D and Snapchat LensStudio, which allowed me to create a complex and responsive design that moved with natural precision across the human face.


Through this process, I pushed the AR capabilities of Snapchat, looking to demonstrate the transformative power of digital overlays when combined with real-time face tracking.

This project highlights the limitless narrative potential of AR—a story where the lines of our physical existence can be redrawn or reimagined. As we stand on the brink of new advancements in AR, the possibilities for creativity are boundless, allowing us to make our everyday experiences a bit more magical.

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